Wednesday, 24 July 2013

HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES To some of your Favorite foods!

Making SMALL changes to your daily meals can bring about BIG changes over time. It's been a year of making simple swaps and trying new healthier alternatives but NOW it's become second nature to me...and the HUGEST change is that I actually TRY new things CONSTANTLY! ...Sometimes I surprise even myself in how daring I am with food
Complete 180 from the girl who ate bagels all day, pasta or deep fries with ketchup (and pepsi) ...i could literally name only 5 things that I would eat.
Little changes like swapping sour cream for greek yogurt, and using avocado on your turkey burgers instead of mayo, honey to sweeten over sugar... WHOLE GRAINS over white enriched flours (HUGE one there!) and almond milk over cows milk.... All those simple healthy choices compound over time and DO make a difference!

Here's a few ideas for simple healthy swaps that Ive been sharing in our challenge group! If you have any other healthy swaps that you like to personally use I'd LOVE to hear about them! Comment below and share what you are doing to make healthy eating a LIFESTYLE.

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